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Getting In Front of Your Ideal Customer

Are you trying to get your business in front of interested customers?

How are you doing so? Hopefully you are not wasting money on mass media like TV ads or billboards.

Mass media is not very effective for small businesses that serve specific niches. A billboard might get your company in front of thousands of people every day, but if your target customers do not take the road past that specific billboard on a regular basis your money is squandered on useless impressions.

Before you spend money on advertising, ask yourself these three questions to make sure your ad will be in front of the ideal customers:

Where do my target customers spend their time?

Is my ideal customer typically a fitness nut that visits a gym every day, for example? If so, can I find a way to advertise my company at gyms around town?

The fact that your customers work out at a gym each day might not even relate specifically to your business, but it may be a common trait of your customers.

What do my target customers do that is related to my business?

A party rental business that often works with graduation parties might make an effort to advertise at school events. For example, they might buy ad space in the high school basketball game programs.

Many parents go to the games throughout the year and will hopefully remember your business at the end of the year when it comes time to plan a graduation party.

What other companies work with my ideal customer?

Let’s go back to the party rental example. When I was a senior in high school I remember receiving information about buying my class ring. At the same time I received a packet of information about buying senior pictures, graduation invites, and so on.

This packet would be a great place to advertise a party rental business. You can imagine the student bringing home all of the information and going through it with their parents. As they put together all of the plans for pictures, a ring, and a graduation party it will be convenient to have the information for a trusted party rental company that can help them with their party.

How can you apply each of these situations to your business to find unique, targeted advertising opportunities?

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