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Hi, I’m Rhen. I was actually named after Kevin Bacon, but we’ll come back to that later. I am a normal guy who likes trail running, home brewing beer, and hockey. I live in Minnesota with my beautiful family and manage a retail business. I originally went to school for civil engineering, but that career path  was put on the hold when I discovered my love for business after my father and I started up a party rental company on the side to help pay for college.

My Story

In 2005 I was the first of the four children in my family to go to college, and with my siblings also going off the college over the next couple of years my family had to find a way to bring in some extra income. My dad and I were both working full time jobs in the summer, so we decided to run our own business “just on the weekends.”

We started a small party rental company by purchasing a couple fold-up picnic tables, placing an ad in a phone book, and delivering the tables to customers on the weekends using our old pickup truck. Soon we were also making deliveries on weekday evenings, and we grew our inventory along with the demand.

By the time I finished college the business inventory had grown to several hundred tables as well as other party items, such as tents. It was no longer an “evenings and weekends” business, but rather a full-time job for two delivery crews. The business became so big that we decided to sell it so that I could work on an MBA degree and my parents could pursue other goals.

Back to Kevin Bacon

Like I said, I was named after Kevin Bacon. He played a character named Ren in the movie Footloose. My parents liked it and decided to add in the silent “h” to make the name a little more exciting.

Recently a friend came across the Footloose soundtrack on vinyl and bought it for me. Unfortunately, I have never been able to listen to it because I (shockingly) do not own a record player.  And I have not found anybody in my area that rents out a record player, even with the many themed get-togethers and anniversary parties that happen these days.

So Why “How to Start a Rental Business?”

Maybe the record player is where you come in to the story. The old record player in your attic (or garden tiller in your garage or kayak in your shed…) might be the item that you use to jump-start your own rental business, TODAY.

Starting a rental business on the side changed the course of my life and opened up many new possibilities. It is my mission to share this experience with you to help pay for your kids’ (or their own) college education, get rid of debt, or save up for that dream vacation.

If you are thinking about starting a side business to pay some extra expenses, or even to someday replace your current job, I hope that you will benefit from the stories and lessons that I share with you from my own experiences doing so.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you around the blog soon!


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